Smoothies or juices, whats the better option?

Drinking smoothies is an amazing way to increase our daily intake of fruits and veggies. But hey, what about juice made from the exact same ingredients? Should be just as healthy…or?

When making a smoothie, the whole fruit is included as well as its rich content of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and fiber. When juicing, on the other hand, the pulp is separated from the juice and the thing about this is that the fiber is then lost since it’s attached to the pulp. You still get the vitamins and minerals, which is great, but you miss out on the fiber as well as the phytonutrients (carotene, lycopene etc.) that may be attached to the fiber. Without the fiber, you might also experience a more intense blood sugar rush since fiber has a way of slowly releasing the sugar (from the foods you eat) for absorption into the blood stream. Including the whole fruit into a smoothie, thus also the fiber, could potentially prevent hypoglycemic dips.

The addition of fiber from the whole fruit can keep you fuller for longer compared to the juice. Making sure to get enough fiber throughout the day is also a way to feed your healthy gut bacteria which are important little friends you definitely want to take care of.

Don’t freak out about juices though, it is still a better option than drinks like soda etcetera which contains refined sugar. You can happily keep drinking your daily juice in the mornings if you wish but if you wish to step up your game even further, you could switch your juice into a fresh smoothie instead.

Lots of love,
Clara Mo, Nutritionist

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